Limp Dick Jizz

StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
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I was once a chronic masturbater. Sometimes I would beat off until I couldn't get hard anymore which is after the point of chafing. Even still I would keep at it and eventually manage to shoot my load. Who among you has experienced the limp dick jizz? I assume some of you experience it frequently for lack of being able to get hard. I'm calling you out!


  • Gary OakGary Oak Regular
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    I have. I'm pretty young too. Sometimes I just feel like I should be cumming even though my body doesn't.
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    It has happened to me when I was like 13 or 14; I just don't enjoy it enough anymore that I'd want keep going that long
  • IAmMrPositiveIAmMrPositive Acolyte
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    Chronic masturbation plus heavy DXM abuse. Yes.
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    Never done it, but my friend told me about it when I was in high school. I didn't believe him, and I still don't to be honest although you just brought it up and made me question it's legitimacy once again. It's an interesting idea, but I'd hate to have to keep going until the point of not getting hard any more.

    How would you even have enough jizz left to cum anyway?
  • white88enochianwhite88enochian Regular
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    sounds like multi orgasm in a male

    it feels better to me to cum soft it takes a lot longer

    just think about ugly things every time you become or do it when ur not in the mood
  • JackJack Regular
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    Yeah, sometimes when I was younger I would go again right after I jerked off, even though it was limp. I just had to do it really hard and I'd about pass out by the time I came. Not worth it really.
  • MaxstatsMaxstats Regular
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    When I fuck or get sucked off I can go for quite a long time without busting a nut but for some reason the day after a night of binge drinking I can get off very easily. There was a few times where I got sucked off the day after getting wasted and I busted a huge nut before my dick even got hard. It was weird but fuck it, I came and it felt great.
  • JackedJacked Regular
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    Do it even when u aint in the mood" lol funniest thing iv herd today!
  • TraumTraum Regular
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    Try masturbating while on ecstasy. You will beat it for hours. It's near impossible to maintain an erection but if you can keep at it long enough you'll finally cum. Limp dick cumming oddly doesn't feel near as good for me for some reason. More release than pleasure. I guess cause at that point I'm just happy I finally came.
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