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  • Um, so "love is inherantly hateful"? So, is hate inherantly loving? Is black inherantly white?
  • Sometimes I sing and dance for my cats.
  • ^God said much the same thing in CWG, adding "some things are not meant to be known," or something like that.
  • First of all, there is no hell--it is a myth. Shit, even Pope John Paul II knew that, and said so in 1999. Secondly--as has been pointed out--God does not judge or punish. We domesticated primates are real fucking good at that ourselves. Third, suicide is a choice. Whether or not it actually serves our own best interests…
  • OP--the main thing is, one--you have to have had a real job in the first place and 2) lost it through no fault or choice of your own. You have to jump through a lot of humiliating hoops afterwards. Far as I'm concerned, folks on any sort of public assistance give more in self-esteem and autonomy than the little they get in…
  • Why the hell shouldn't gay people get married? They should be allowed to suffer matrimony just like non-gays. I speak as someone who has had four wives--and my present wife has had five husbands. (One at a time, of course.)
  • OP, you can wring your hands all you want--guns are not going away. Over the years, my family has shot two moose and a bear-- two of which were in our yard. One year, a moose charged my wife as she was walking her young son to the bus stop--if she had not shot the moose, most likely it would have killed her and/or Doug.…
  • I'm with OP on this issue. Mostly, it is self-serving attention whores like Sarah Failin' who is making a big deal out of it.
  • First of all, it should be noted that everything we say about God is metaphorical, more orless, being that God is infinite and we are finite, constricted by ego, often driven by fear. IMHO, God is not a being, but the spark of divinity that lives within all of us. This is the "small, still voice, spoken of in the Bible.
  • fixed
  • Hell is a myth--no such place. Getting back to topic--all religions that I am familair with have some elements of truth, but none have the Whole Truth.
  • I was talking to my wife last night--she said she has about fifty Tarot decks in her collection.
  • We are spiritual beings, and as such are immortal, though we go through many changes.
  • Agreed. One of the coolest books on the subject is by Neale Donald Walsch, and is entitled "What God wants." The answer is that God wants nothing. Fundies of all stripes will violently disagree, of course.
  • I am down to two--Beretta Jetfire and a tiny North American Arms .22 mag revolver. I gave my Ruger .44 mag Super Blackhawk to my son, who also has a Mossberg .22 rifle. My sweety has a Taurus .357 mag, an AR-7 survival rifle, and a Winchester 12-gauge pump.
  • There is no "may" about it. On two occasions that I recall, I grossly abused my authroity--one time, no one noticed or copmplained, the other time, zok reversed my action. He had the courtesy to inform me, and I thanked him, for the reversal, as I had already decided to reverse my action. This had nothing to do wuith my…
  • Whatever elserone might say about the author or authors of Genesis, it is fairly certain that they didn't know much about astronomy--at the time, there was no difference between astronomy and astrology (not that that was a bad thing). To get some insight into how evolved these people really were, look at Exodus--especially…
  • Going by what I read, young people are sucking a lot these days ,too--for many, the end of date good-night kiss has been replaced by the good-night blow job. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • Some day--if you are lucky--you, too, will be old. Try to manifest some fucking compassion.
  • Well said. IMO, the more you know and the less you believe, the better off you are. I KNOW that magick works because I have done it in many ways, over many years. Heck, twenty years ago, I thought channelling was bunkum until I did it myself.
  • OP's statement number 3 is where the chain breaks, I think. For one thing, at the Highest level, there is no such thing as good or evil. At our level, what we call evil is necessary--without it, the concept of good would be meaningless. For another, the list leaves out one key concept--free will.
  • Any chance we could get back on topic? Azure is evidently still sulking over the infractions I gave him on zoklet.
  • ^I love getting these easy questions. See, we create reality--the world is as it is because so many of us choose that it be that way. That said, often we "choose" by default--that is, by not taking a stand, we let the default value prevail. And often, the choices we make are at a preconscious level. Most of the ills of the…
  • I scratch and sniff a lot now. Do I win anything?
  • Most religions share a body of assumptions, known collectively as The Perennial Philosophy. Leibniz coined the phrase, but Aldous Huxley usually gets credit for it, having written "The Perennial Philosophy," which I highly recommend.
  • I think most people would agree that Pope John Paul II is a fairly authoritative source for info on Hell. He has stated that Hell is not a location, but a state of mind people choose to be in, when they make a decision to reject God, however they conceive of him/her/it/them/whatver. Hell is a myth, no such place. The myth…
  • Actually, I do not know what you are talking about, which I suspect makes two of us.
  • All 6,000 or so posts? Probably not. Just a few of the best, edited and updated, of course. Right now, one of the idiots I quote is General Omar Bradley. You may have heard of him. Other idiots I quote include Mark Twain, Jesus, the Buddha, Aldous Huxley, Richard Dawkins, and Gandhi. Thanks for asking.
  • The stated quote contains so many errors I really don't want to spend the time needed to correct them all. However, I never, ever took action against anyone simply for disagreeing with me. I did act against those who resorted to gratuituous obscenity, essentially content-free bullshit, hate language, or what the Supreme…
  • In rthe Christian mythos--which is erroneous, being based on fear and denial--it is God who rewards and punishes. The devil--at least in the Book of Job--gets along quite well with him, btw.
  • ^Gee, where's that "Thanks" icon when you need it?
  • We live in a constant struggle between our ego and our Essential Self. Since so much of media, politics, advertising and so forth is fear-based and egocentric, the Essential Self is often outnumbered.
  • I think it is kind of sneaking up on us. Obama's election was VERY Aquarian. The on-going disillusionment vis a vis the catholic Church is another, as is the proliferation of spiritual teachers. The Piscean Age was all about single-source gurus, the "I alone know truth" thing.
  • This is one of the classic theological questions--but it is, I think, only relevant in the context of a Biblical sort of deity. But here is my best shot--if I were God, I would prefer NOT to be all-knowing, simply because it would get boring otherwise.
  • All this positive feedback is warming the cockles of my heart. In fact, if my cockles get much warmer, I may have to rub some ice on them.
  • And I just made my first "real" thread--you know, with actual content and all.