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  • Taylor sucks :D and I don't give a fuck about your opinion, however if you disagree, then kiss my ass !:D
  • Here , where I live, they are a bit more strict, for example if you send an email saying that this country will bankrupt then they will call the most qualified special agency to try and find you and convict you with 100 years of prison into the highest security district , with bots fucking you everyday for at least 3 times…
  • It shows Admin that you have to flush the ip's automatically and not to keep logs, after all your server is on Canada, you can do it. And flush the ip's of the banned one's as well. I am not hitting on you Dfg, I only say the obvious here, and that is to protect your members , I am sure you will do it, if not legally you…
  • Of course, I put the link from where you put it on the other thread, it was done so to answer your question with your answer in that comment on that other thread.:facepalm: If you read more closely the whole incident, you would realize that they stabbed him from the back, I don't think he had the option to give the camera,…
  • Yes , most of the times, through the firefox's extension, but I had to edit manually the ssl for this site as it does not recognize that it has the ability for ssl connection that extension for this site. and speaking about the ip bans, my other locked accts have still the ip logs ? if so then I would like to get deleted…
    in Server Logs Comment by Batman May 2011
  • What I want to pass here, is that the World is driven to Anarchy for some reason, whilst the Authorities that are meant to protect the citizens are just inflicting fear and terror to the citizens. Bright example is a highly ranked officer of the police that advised recently a woman to not wear necklace whilst entering a…
  • speaking about server logs, can you please flush the ip's from time to time and don't keep logs?:) it would make me feel more secure.
    in Server Logs Comment by Batman May 2011
  • Father-To-Be Dies After being Attacked by Assailants, Patissia, Athens Posted on 10 May 2011 by Lorraine Eyre
  • Police is busy of course with the one's that protest......
  • in SLUT WALK Comment by Batman May 2011