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  • Faggot, states Rolf.
  • Rolf Rofl'd, for mighty Rolf knows that when women do it, it is not paedophilia, unless she is ugly, but then she is not woman, but man with vagina, states Rolf.
  • Does not belong in W&C, states Rolf.
    in Combat Games Comment by Rolf March 2011
  • If the founders of Western Culture were acceptive of gays, how can thou not at least deal with it? Asks Rolf, but then Rolf remembered, you're slimy commie-filth and therefore one of the enemies of the mighty warriors of the West, states Rolf, Grand Duke of the West.
  • Could do so in the first one too, states Rolf, also a purple demon chick, a cross dressing dwarf, plus an assortment of other objects, states Rolf.
  • When Rolf met Mussolini, Rolf forgot to ask said Duce what the significance of a new Roman Empire would be without the ability for it's Legion to conquer new lands without the assistance of Germanic mercenaries, states Rolf.
  • Shaken, not stirred, states Rolf.
  • At least his insanity is entertaining, states Rolf.
  • As does Rolf, at least under Daffy the country won't be linked to extremist Islam, which the rebellion seems to be linked too, states Rolf.
  • It is obvious to mighty Rolf, that the developers of said game have yet to see a true woman naked, however, this is common knowledge to anyone, for if they had, then they would not need to make said lame game in the first place, states Rolf.
    in RapeLay Comment by Rolf March 2011
  • Rolf agrees, the artillery strikes, assassination attempts and kidnapping of DPRK citizens by the ROK and the USA are evidence to back up the fact that it is the South, not the North, who are the aggressors states Rolf.
  • Rolf disagrees, for Rolf also has an introverted personality, but manages to have girlfriends and a decent amount of friends, states Rolf. Rolf suggests not making excuses for the balls thou lacks, states Rolf.
  • Taking advantage of a retard is just as bad as taking advantage of a 12 year old kid, states Rolf.
  • The price for Xbox Live is about $10 USD, small price to pay for superior quality, states Rolf. However, Rolf must admin, PC offers the best overall gaming experience... and the online is free, states Rolf.
  • It might be illegal, but Rolf highly doubts certain government agencies have stopped torture completely, it's too useful, states Rolf. Rolf believes in the use of torture, the pain and suffering of an enemy is a small price to pay if it saves the lives of our own and assists in crushing the enemy, proclaims Rolf.
  • Meh, meh's Rolf, for Rolf much preferred DS when said DS was a worshiper of Jesus Christ, states Rolf.
  • Rolf loves it when twelve year olds discover the internet, states Rolf.
  • Not as tacticool as airsoft, it's also more expensive, but at least it isn't banned in Rolf's country of residence, like airsoft and mortal kombat, states Rolf. EDIT: Of all places, Rolf highly doubts that a thread on paintballing belongs in the W&C board, states Rolf.
  • You're hired! the Grand Ducal Army of Rolfheim needs Counsellors... there be too many crazy-axe-throwing-men in Rolfheim, thinks Rolf.
  • :facepalm:, just :facepalm:, :facepalm:'s Rolf.
    in Juche Comment by Rolf February 2011
  • Rolf agrees with this, removing the grenadier's rifle and replacing it with a more dedicated grenade launcher wouldn't be efficient on a fireteam or squad level, considering their already small size. Yes, the logistical issues with changing a prototype weapons colour would cause the downfall of the U.S Army, states Rolf.
    in Punt guns Comment by Rolf February 2011
  • No, but it has a successor, dipshit, states Rolf.
  • Kind of defeats the purpose of a bullpup weapon when it's both heavy and quite large, still, it's an interesting technology and probably a better fit for the Steyr than the M203, states Rolf. Rolf has remembered the name of the weapon that said Rolf was referring too, the XM-25 Air Bursting Assault Weapon, were you…
    in Punt guns Comment by Rolf February 2011
  • Join the first militaristic organisation Rolf encounters, especially if said organisation has more ammunition than everyone else, states Rolf... even better if they have boats, adds Rolf.
  • Possibly, but the tanks Rolf repaired got more kills than your L85 ever did, not to mention all the tank kills Rolf got through mines, states Rolf. Engineer, Spec Ops and very occasionally Sniper, were all Rolf ever played.
  • Rolf has seen pictures and such of this design, it does sound promising though, can't seem to recall it's name either, bugger, states Rolf.
    in Punt guns Comment by Rolf February 2011
  • Rolf is starting to dislike you less, TDR, states Rolf.
  • Rolf cares little, provided Rolf remains fit enough to do what is required of Rolf, as a rule, physical performance is more important than physical appearance, states Rolf.
  • Rolf is usually very open to the large amount of differing heavy metal genres, but one thing Rolf has been unable to stand, apart from Nu Metal and Metalcore, is any attempted fusion of Metal and Rap, for it is horrible, states Rolf. No they didn't, states Rolf.
  • Sadly, Rolf thinks not. Also heard that the commander role, as well as three of the classes from BF2, have been removed, much to the dismay of Rolf, who preferred Engineer when it was more of a challenge.
  • Don't argue with communist idiots, they'll bring you down to their level of idiocy and then beat you with experience, states Rolf.
  • Rolf got the games of Rolf mixed up for a moment :facepalm:, it doesn't, Battlefield 2 was the one with zip lines and grappling hooks, states Rolf. Rolf has heard prone and jets are back, sounds good, states Rolf.
  • The greatest of Rolfheim's Gendarmerie, states Rolf.
  • Metal Storm = Awesome, states Rolf. Has thee seen the grenade launcher prototype they made for the ADF? Asks Rolf. It's influenced by the US OICW and the S.Korean K11, uses a single barrel with three 40mm grenades stacked inside like those Roman candles, states Rolf. There are small charges in these grenades, which are…
    in Punt guns Comment by Rolf February 2011
  • Rolf disagrees, horse archery will always be necessary, Genghis Khan will be reborn, states Rolf.
    in Punt guns Comment by Rolf February 2011
  • A boat, states Rolf, Rolf owns not said boat, continues Rolf.
  • Rolf never stated Rolf was not a villain, all Rolf stated was that Rolf is brilliant, but if thou must know, Rolf is somewhere between Anti-Hero and Anti-Villain, depending on whom you ask, states Rolf.
  • Rolf suggests training, if thou trains more, one might be able to hit the broadside of an Anzac class frigate, therefore not need said Puntgun... unless, said one be compensating for something else, states Rolf.
    in Punt guns Comment by Rolf February 2011
  • This post has the Rolf tick of approval, ticks Rolf.
  • Pfft Halo... Pfft Space Marines, states Rolf. Rolf prefers Goldeneye 007, but maybe that is because Rolf is a brilliant man, much like James Bond, states Rolf.
  • Some of these protesters are backed by extremist muslim groups, some of them terrorists, states Rolf. Rumour is that an al qaeda-backed islamic emirate has been formed in eastern Libya, states Rolf. Lets just forget the abuse of power, authoritarianism and the terrorist attacks he himself has backed, remember Lockerbie? or…
  • One becomes old once their hair goes white, in other words, John McCain became old in his 30's and Silvio Berlusconi is a young gun, states Rolf. But Rolf was on a bus quite recently and was offered a seat, being a man though, Rolf did not take it, states Rolf. Rolf would like to state that Rolf is not old, states Rolf.
  • Rolf is not yet convinced, but at least the ability to drag is back.
  • Except the United States... have you seen some of their "women" recently? Asks Rolf. Worry not, for Finland and Switzerland still exist, states Rolf.
  • Rolf states that thou should learn from the chessmaster that is Rolf, for Rolf is masterful enough in the arts of mighty to know that one should allow a woman to think that she is both intelligent and equal, that way she will be more willing to perform well in sex, instead of submitting because she has to submit to one's…
  • This album just got released, according to Rolf, it is... meh, but said title song is awesome, states Rolf :thumbsup:.
  • Iceland shall not fail while mighty Björk still lives, states Rolf.
  • Rolf just wishes they'd shut the fuck up, Rolf knows they are here, Rolf knows they are queer, but they just keep whining, maybe Grand Duke Rolf should disallow LGBT in Rolfheim, states Rolf.
  • Does this count? Asks humble Rolf.
  • Well there would be a lot less immigrants to the West Island, states Rolf. Fixed by Rolf, fixes Rolf.